TAQA Power Arm

1. TAQA Power Arm has extensive experience customizing environmentally sustainable power solutions, in addition to comprehensive power generation solutions designed to meet its clients’ needs and provide efficient power management, emergency power supply and distributed power transformation and outages.

2. TAQA power is divided into three main arms:

        *  Generation division which is mainly for standalone generation solution as (Diesel engines and Gas turbines) owned by TAQA and sell               electricity to customers as industries, Touristic villages,….. Ex: ASEC cement industry in Minya (20MW capacity)-South valley cement                 industry in Benisweif (40MW capacity)-Many hotels In Marsa Alam as Hilton-Hotels in TABA, sudan,Ouganda,Rwanda…

        *  Substation division: BOO (Build,own and operate) transformer substation by buying electricity at HV from electricity transmission                       company at 66 & 220kV and step down to 22kV and then distribute to our customers. (Ex Napq bay 66/22kV in Sharm El-Shekh with                 capacity 160MVA supplying more than 150 resorts in this area), another one in 6th October 220/22kV under construction with                             capacity 500MVA.

       * Distribution division (we buy electricity directly on 22 kV from distribution company then sell to our customers as: Cairo festival city-                   Kattmeya residence-uptown Cairo-El-Motawreen zone in 6th October-El-Nakhil compound new Cairo-and so many projects).

We aim to train 3 talented students from the fourth year in the previous three sections.

Please send ASAP your CV to: osamamahgoub@eng.cu.edu.eg

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